Epoxy Needle Ordering Information

Top quality epoxy needles are available from ICT for users who manufacture their own epoxy cards in-house. All four common materials are available, and selection is dependent on the requisite properties.

Epoxy needles can be supplied as either straight needles, or with the tip already bent.  In order to give you exactly the needle you want, you may supply samples of your current needle.

Part Numbers:

Indicates either the needle is straight or bent.
EPS = an epoxy needle that is straight
EPB = an epoxy needle that has a bent tip

Show required stock diameter  ( “10” for .010”, or ”12” for .012” for example).

Show required needle length by selecting one of the following letters:
A = 1.0”
B = 1.5”
C = 2.0”
D = 2.5”
E = 3.0”

Indicate length of taper required e.g. “120” for taper length of 0.120”.

Needle material, indicated by one of the following:
T = Tungsten
TR = Tungsten Rhenium
B = Beryllium Copper
P = Paliney

Indicate tip diameter. Usually, “dead sharp” tip diameters are used, shown as “00”
00 = “dead sharp”
0.5 = radius tip, with 0.5 mil tip diameter
1.5 = radius tip, with 1.5 mil tip diameter
2.0 = radius tip, with 2.0 mil tip diameter

Show length of tip required. In the case of “dead sharp” tips, show the required tip length after lapping the tip down to produce the desired finished tip diameter.  Show the desired finished tip diameter in parentheses [for example, for a “dead sharp” that would produce 2.0 mil dia., 7 mil long tip would be “07(2.0)”]. For radius tips, this will be the actual tip length required without lapping (e.g. a 7 mil tip length is shown as “07”).  For straight needles no entry is necessary.

Indicates the tip angle needed.  The angle indicates the relationship of the tip to the main shaft of the needle. It is measured as the angle between the main shaft and the tip.  Typically this would be 106o and entered as “106”. For straight needles no entry is necessary.


Examples - 

This is the part number for a straight 0.010” diameter shank needle, 2.5 inches long with a 0.120” taper length, Tungsten material and a 0.0015” dia. tip.

This part number is for a bent tip needle with 0.012” diameter shank, 3.0 inches long, 0.120” taper length, Tungsten Rhenium material, 0.002” diameter tip, 0.007” long tip with a 106o finished tip angle.

This part number is for a bent tip needle with 0.010” diameter shank, 2.0 inches long, 0.190” taper length, BeCu material, dead sharp tip that would give a finished 0.007” long tip and 0.002” tip diameter with a 106o tip angle.

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