Custom Designs

Custom Designed Probing Solutions

ICT has extensive mechanical and engineering resources to custom design solutions to your specific probing needs. We have extensive experience in PCB  design, and in the design and manufacture of special vertical probe assemblies to meet unusual application requirements.

PCB Design

We offer a design resource for all types of PCB requirements, capable of up to 40+ layers, in a wide range of materials - including FR4, Rogers, Polyimide, Nelco and Speedboard. We can design to accommodate high temperature and high frequency requirements - all fabricated to your specific electrical and mechanical specifications. We maintain the tightest tolerances on board flatness and thickness, and gerber or dxf files are provided for approval prior to fabrication. Fabrication is performed at competitive prices and with a fast turnaround.


Custom VCT Vertical Probe

In addition to designing and manufacturing VCT vertical probe cards for the typical applications, we offer excellent design resources for special applications. We can take your detailed project requirements, and engineer innovative solutions which have proven successful time and  time again.

VCT assembly for use on a manually aligned prober. Alignment windows are provided for remote alignment on adjacent die.


An effective VCT solution for using one card assembly for both wafers and singulated die.