About Us

Located in Southbury Connecticut, International Contact Technologies Inc., designs, develops, and manufactures superior quality probe cards and accessories. We combine many years of probing experience that ensures our customers receive the highest quality, best performing probing products.

Superior Service and Support……
We understand that our customers are critical in our success, and our philosophy is to fully support our customers throughout our product’s life. ICT works closely with the user from outset to project conclusion to ensure that specifications are defined and complete, and fully met in the delivered product. The successful installation marks the start of our comprehensive support for the life of the product.

Since ICT opened their doors in 1994, we have been supporting major companies with quality probing products that are cost effective, and supported with on-time delivery and after sales service.

Technical Expertise
Successful probe card design requires a concentrated focus on engineering skills. ICT has experienced and qualified staff and resources to ensure we meet your technical needs.

Advanced Probing Needs
ICT continuously works on advancing probing technology for our customers’ next need. If you have a probing challenge, ICT may have the answer you have been looking for. We undertake designs for special probing applications, incorporating innovative thinking with outstanding engineering resources.

Global Sales
ICT continues to grow globally with sales and service locations in the West Coast, Taiwan, Singapore and the Philippines. ICT offers innovative solutions to our customers with probing needs.

Vertical Contact Technology
ICT offers turnkey Vertical Probe Card solutions for high matrix individual die probing, multiple site probing and high frequency probing. ICT will design, develop and manufacture all facets of the probe card from the PC Board and probe head, to the hardware support and placement of all components and substrates as required.

Our leading edge Vertical Contact Technology continues to grow in the marketplace as customers’ chip designs continue to become more complex. It is this continued challenge to meet market place needs that leads to ongoing innovation with each new project we are presented with. For example, for HF applications we have developed a vertical probe card capable of up to 10 GHz

Blade Needle Holders, Epoxy Needles
ICT offers epoxy needles in a variety of metals, and blade needle holders in both ceramic and metal. These low cost and effective probes have been well documented to support customer probing needs. ICT has many varieties to suite your requirements.

Blade Cards
ICT produces blade probe cards. We can also design and manufacture RF blade cards for probing frequencies of 3 GHz or more. If you tell us your needs, we will promptly quote you on a quality card.